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The blockchain industry has evolved during the past 12 years, from Peer-to-peer payment systems in 2009, to Smart contracts innovation in 2017. During the ICO boom, projects want to tokenize everything, and this leads to the creation and massive growth of Decentralized finance. As more artists and gamers come into the Crypto, we saw the summer of NFTs. We have reached the point where Decentralized Organizations are starting to shape their initial form. We have already seen the trend of NFTs becoming more programmable and decentralized.

We may ask ourselves, what really defines an NFT? How to evaluate an NFT? The tech framework and the trading metrics are not the keys, as most NFT are bottom-up driven by the community, instead of by the developers.

At NiftyDao, we believe that NFT is more than just JPG art. NFT’s true value is a key to unlocking your crypto identity.


Nifty·Dao aims to bridge the gap between creators, developers, voters, and the community.

That's why we have 3 separate products that are designed for different use cases. For one, NFT Artists need a new way to collaborate their work, starting from NFT creation to Smart royalties and Staking-based minting rules.

On the other hand, developers need toolkits to product support for the Gamefi community. We plan to launch npm/golang tools to manage NFTs minting on Ethereum/BSC/Polygon, making NFT and GameFi experience purely chain-agnostic.


Story·Teller is a content creation DAO for NFTs.

1. Each NFT project gets a dedicated space to connect with community believers, artists, and story writers.

2. Anyone can submit a content creation proposal for their NFT. The proposal needs to set the rules and profit share mechanisms.

3. Once the proposal is voted approved, the creation contest begins.

4. On a weekly basis, NiftyDao allows users (Twitter verification required) to vote on the best content creation.

5. NFT projects benefit from the content created by NiftyDao, which inspires more community believers.

6. As part of the NiftyDao ecosystem, NFT owners spend NiftyDao tokens to get the content published on-chain.

7. Content created receives profits if their content gets published. Voters also get small incentives on the platform.


Gold·Seeker is a developer DAO for dApp and Gamefi.

1. Crypto gaming players are a massive growing online community, which has formed thousands of guilds worldwide.

2. With each guild having different needs, varying from internationalization, data insights to automation scripts, it's very important to connect developers' resources to those players.

3. GoldSeeker is a place where developers create tools to help gaming guilds play better and play more efficiently.

4. Gaming players do not need to worry about wallet custody or seed phrases, because the developer's trustworthiness is easy to check with online DAO transactions.

5. NiftyDao guarantees the profit of developers by charging game plays by usage.

6. The same mechanism works with public-chain projects and their dApp developer community.


Floor·Sweepr is your ultimate NFT price manager.

1. FloorSweepr started as a joke project in a 2021 October Polygon hackathon. However, the project attracted attention from multiple NFT issuers.

2. Inspired by the token burn mechanism of ERC20, and repurchased programs in the stock market, the FloorSweepr project aims to lift the market cap of NFT projects by burning NFTs.

3. This might sound controversial at first, but in fact, the destruction of an NFT does not intrude on the value of art, as artwork lives forever on-chain.

4. After the NFT has been destroyed by the FloorSweepr, no one owns that NFT anymore.

5. We achieved 2 incredible goals through this approach: the floor price goes up, and the circulating NFT supply becomes even more scarce. Market cap goes up, and everyone is happy.

6. For more: https://hackerlink.io/zh/buidl/1564

Our goal

Ultimately, Nifty Dao connects creators, developers, token holders and the community participants.



Nov 2021

Seed round fund raising.

Release the feature documentation and visual design of both Story·Teller and Gold·Seeker


Jan 2022

2nd round of seed investment

Launch a set of NFT toolkit on our unified platform – the NiftyDAO testnet

Launch of digital artist curation program


Q1 2022

More chains supported + global dev events

Launch npm and Golang packages for NFT

Launch our first DAO product, the Story·Teller


Q2 2022

Building of the Nifty ecosystem

NiftyDAO publicly launch and run as the kernel of other DAO products

Launch our 2nd DAO product: Gold·Seeker


NiftyDao tokens and governance plan

Experiment NFT fractionize tools and Defi-loan on testnet.

Our goal is to build a strong community that not only invest, contribute and profit from cryptocurrency but also shares our vision.
Below is an extended roadmap of us planning to evolve the community.

Extended Roadmap

Q1 - 2022

Partner with artist communities on 3D rendering competition. Organize a global developer hackathon for DAO tools.
Each qualifying participant will be able to get access to our NFT minting whitelists.

Q2 - 2022

We will introduce our first DAO art show. All creators and community members will be able to attend the art show free of charge.
We will release our first Spring/Summer collection magazine, published on Story·Teller.

Q3 - 2022

We will start to collaborate with OpenSea, NiftyGateway etc. and work on content publishing protocol for NFT assets, ranging from IPFS resources to off-chain art creations

Q4 - 2022

With the newly introduced tokenomics of NiftyDAO, we encourage the community to get creative on what the DAO can achieve.
Developers could mint their dApp into NFTs and sell to users.
Smart contracts can be shared between many projects, and NFTs holders will enjoy rights to those dApps.
Next step for NiftyDAO: go into the MetaVerse.

Our Team


NiftyDAO Chief Advocate

Former CTO of TR Lab

Former Facebook engineer, Stellar engineering director

Leader of cross-border payment/settlement platform Liquidnet, incubated by Stellar

Early XLM tech advocate and software architect

Backbone dev team lead of multiple NFT projects since 2021


NiftyDAO Chief Architect

Former tech lead of a Fortune-500 company, Java micro-service architect

Early Bitcoin believer and Defi whale, quant trading player

Currently ranked one of the top traders on FTX leaderboard

Certified ACP of PMI, published multiple papers on IEEE magazines


Blockchain engineer

High school drop-out

Core developer of multiple smart-contract projects

Creators of USDT testnet faucet on Tron Network.

Active blockchain community contributor

Our Advisor



A seasonaed technical expert in Fintech industry and an early believer and practitioner in the blockchain industry

Founder of Ripplefox - China's largest community of Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP).

12 years of IT work experience and worked at State Street Bank before engaging in the blockchain industry.

Specialized blockchain testing expert in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China.

Whitepaper drafters of the blockchain application and development of MIIT, China in 2016

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